Running 10KAnyWay – One month to go!

Our own Vavista team member Emily has been following the Vavista 10KAnyWay 12-week programme in preparation for running the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10K race in May. Read on to find out how her training is going and how she gets on in the last four weeks leading up to the race!

 I am definitely a runner who needs a goal to aim for to get that motivation up! Having run a 5K Race for Life last year, my regular training sessions slowly stopped and I dropped off completely leading up to Christmas (the huge amounts of tasty Christmas food being no help in this.)

I started to pick it up again at the start of this year and joined the Vavista office’s running club, which was a huge help in getting me going again. Group running really helps spark that competitive streak! It was then decided that we would enter the Bristol 10K which definitely set a goal for me to aim for! After this I decided I definitely needed a bit of a push with my race training so I started the Vavista 10KAnyWay challenge – an obvious benefit of working for Vavista but it’s free and easily accessible for anyone! It really helps me having a structured training plan to follow.

I started in March from week five in the programme (I had a degree of running fitness from running club!) which has a good mix of interval training workouts where you walk and run, followed by doing a 20 minute run with no walking, over three runs a week. The weeks leading up to week five build you up to this with gradually increasing periods of running mixed with walking so you can literally start from nothing!

Eight weeks in and I can comfortably run for about half an hour before needing to take a breather! This feels like a huge achievement for me, as I have never been that athletically minded and I am enjoying getting out and about on my runs – it definitely helps when the sun is out rather than the snow storm we ran through back in February! Running from my flat is also a mission as I live on top of a hill, so it’s lovely running downhill on the way out but a killer on the way home! I’m trying to see it as a good exercise for my leg muscles (and lung capacity!) and I’ll be a hill expert by the time we get to the 10K.

I’ll give a more in depth review of my training week next Friday, for now it’s exactly one month to go until the race on May 13th!

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