You want to improve your health, weight and general wellbeing – or make sure you stay healthy longterm? Science shows the crash diet approach, or signing up for an expensive gym membership you know you will never use, is just prone to failure.

What does work?

testicular cancer mens health week First off, something very easy. Making small changes to your day-to-day behaviour, that you can turn into long-term habits – that don’t spoil your fun or make you feel deprived – will mean you can keep up this healthy living for good.

However, whilst you are working on making those habits stick, it is important to give yourself a challenge. Something to reward you with a huge sense of achievement. Something that will push you slightly out of your comfort zone, to make you put in a bit of extra effort that will reward you with increased confidence and motivation. Even better…something that will get you fitter, give you the feel-good factor, help you lose weight if you need to and make healthier eating much easier.

Welcome to the VavistaLife 10kAnyWay challenge!

Whether you are one of our website subscribers or you have come here from our Facebook or Twitter page, the challenge is open to you..…so make sure you have signed up! If you need more inspiration, read Vavista team member Emily’s blog about training for the Bristol 10K 2018 using the 10kAnyWay programme here! 

How does it work?

walking-02 Simple – over the next 12 weeks you will work towards a 10 km fitness challenge. Don’t panic – it is suitable for almost anyone, from couch potato to honed athlete, and you can split the distance with others if you need to.

Just choose how you are going to achieve it: walking, jogging, running, by wheelchair, cycling, swimming…or a mixture. Then set the bar at a level to suit and challenge you. Decide on a goal that is attainable – but requires some training and commitment, so you get full benefit. If 10k is too much for you alone, get some friends together and do a total of 10k between you!

Now, if you like, add in a charity, some family, friends or work colleagues, a competitive element or just fun…and then tell us all about it on social media to share your training highs and lows, sponsorship requests and ultimately your triumph! It’s a huge achievement, so shout it from the rooftops! Those who complete and share their success will receive certificates or medals, a chance to win great prizes….and the opportunity to go on and conquer the 10k challenge in a new way!

Click on the links in the sidebar for more information, training guides and inspiration from our Vavista 10kAnyWay trainers.