• Cycling softie

    Cycling is a great way to exercise – minimal strain on the knees and a great way to get around too meaning you can combine your exercise with your commute. Even if the weather is foul, there is no excuse – get down to the local gym and find a cycling machine. Cycling gets you toned, burns calories, boosts heart and lungs – and lycra isn’t essential (though, it is the most comfortable!). The only downside is the kit requirement – unless you base yourself in the gym. It is possible to build up to 10km in 12 weeks as a beginner…click below to find out how. Get more information on kit and other top tips for beginners here.  Cycling with a disability? Click here.

  • Tour de Force

    If you are a cycling aficionado already but are up for more of a challenge then you can push yourself harder with more of an incline, better times or various other 10kAnyWay challenges. Click below for ideas or set your own challenge – just as long as you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Try a tri

    Super fit already and a 10k cycle ride holds no fear for you? How about doing a 400m swim followed by the 10k cycle then a 2.5k run? That’s a super-sprint triathlon. Or if a 40km cycle ride is more your distance, try preceding it with a 1500m swim, then follow it with a 10k run. That’s a standard triathlon. Either of those are serious challenges that will win you a 10kAnyWay gold medal straight off. Click below for more information.

  • Wheelie keen

    Wheelchair challenges can take various forms depending on your disability and fitness. From involving friends to help you around a 10k course and sharing the glory of the achievement to going all out for a paralympian style event, set yourself a challenge that pushes you beyond your comfort zone. For more information on wheelchair events click below.

  • More ideas

    Do it for charity, involve friends, family or work colleagues – click here for ways to spice up your challenge.