5 heart-healthy recipes that we think you’ll love!

Eating a healthy diet is one sure-fire way to reduce your risk of heart disease….as well as improve your health and wellbeing in countless other ways. Here are a few heart-healthy recipes that are well worth a try…..

Mediterranean Chicken

Olive oil and veg are main players in the Mediterranean way of eating that is recognised as being good for the heart and other aspects of health.

Try this easy one-dish recipe for Mediterranean chicken with roasted veg. Feel free to leave out the chicken and get protein from fish, tofu or other sources if you prefer.



Warm Mackerel Salad

Oily fish is a great source of omega 3 – an essential fatty acid that helps to reduce our risk of heart attacks and strokes amongst other problems.

This warm smoked mackerel salad is rich in omega 3. It also includes beetroot, which can help reduce high blood pressure, and walnuts, thought to reduce the levels of ‘bad cholesterol…both of which can contribute to heart disease.



Overnight Oats

The soluble fibre in oats and berries helps to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, the phytochemicals that give berries their rich colours are also good for us in numerous ways. Find all this goodness in the prepare-ahead breakfast recipe for overnight oats. Feel free to top with some toasted nuts or seeds for added heart benefit, taste and crunch!




Almond Butter

Just a handful of almonds a day is thought to help reduce risk of heart disease too. Either eat them as they are, as a healthy and portable snack – or try some almond butter as an alternative to peanut butter. This recipe includes some heart-healthy olive oil – though feel free to leave it out if your almonds produce enough oil of their own as you blend them. It shows how easy it is to make your own….but if you would prefer to buy it, make sure you go for pure nut butter without added sugar or other nasties.



Roasted Chickpeas 

For another tasty snack try these spicy roasted chickpeas. Full of vitamins, mineral and the all-important fibre that is so important for heart and gut health, they are a healthy alternative to many shop-bought snacks.