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After 13 years as an NHS consultant and weight-loss surgeon, I have witnessed firsthand how people’s behaviour and subconscious habits can have disastrous effects on their health, weight and wellbeing.

Stress, poor sleep and too much time sitting at a desk or slumped on the sofa is playing havoc with our health and wellbeing.

Smoking, alcohol, sugar – our cravings are killing us.

Two thirds of us are overweight or obese – and even those of normal weight can be at risk of numerous health problems due to poor diet.

So, why is it so difficult to make the changes we know will improve our health? And who can we trust to help us make that step?

We are confused by conflicting information – every time we read the newspaper there is a different piece of advice.

We are bamboozled by ‘science speak’ – does the latest research actually mean anything?

We are lured into thinking there is a quick fix for weight loss or fitness by clever marketing and overblown promises. Deep down we know that quick fixes don’t work…but we can’t see an alternative that does.

It’s making me really angry.

So, rather than fume in silence, I have spent years researching what does actually work – and I want to share it with you. By making these small changes to our behaviour we can improve our health, and lose weight if we need to, without drastic and unsustainable disruption to our lives.

Step by step, I will guide you through the small, science-backed changes that you can make to tackle your own, personal, health issues. I will cut through the confusion, expose the fads and highlight what you can do to improve your health long-term.

Find out about the assessments and programmes I have developed and let me help you towards a healthier, happier life.


Dr Sally Norton

  • First female UK weight loss surgeon
  • Over 25 years of medical experience
  • TV and media expert
  • Regular contributor, Daily Mail, Huffington Post and more
  • Founder of Vavista

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