Convenience foods – VavistaLife style

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Six low carb veg-swaps for summer

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Healthy summer BBQ: Tips, tricks and recipes

Invited to a summer barbeque, but worried about all of those food temptations? Registered Dietitian Sophie Claessens shares her favourite tips and tricks to help you stay on track with your healthy eating plans this barbeque season – along with some healthy yet delicious recipes for you to try out.

Meat-free recipe!

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Veg-packed meal planners and recipes

Sweet or savoury, carnivore or vegetarian… Sophie Claessens and Tess Mewton our Vavista Dietitians have put together meal plan ideas and delicious recipes to help you boost your fruit and veg intake, effortlessly

Gluten – Free Recipe

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Protein-packed snack ideas for the ultimate energy boost

Need to head out for some exercise, but struggling to get your energy levels up? We’ve all been there! So with this in mind, VavistaLife dietitian, Sophie Claessens shares her favourite healthy, protein-packed snacks that will help to give you a much-needed energy boost!

Easter Sunday: 10 reasons why cocoa is good for you

Chocolate Week is upon us, and with such an array of amazing recipes and photos being shared over the web this week, you’d be hard-pushed to find somebody who isn’t craving a chocolatey treat. But instead of feeling guilty, take a little look at some of chocolate’s (or rather, cocoa’s) hidden health benefits, explains Dr. Sally Norton

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Low-Sugar Chocolate, Honey & Cherry Brownies

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Low salt recipe – Healthier chicken balti

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Fruity Mocktails Recipes

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