Aim for better not best

It’s hard when we are surrounded by constant media articles educating us on how we should be improving our health. … Continued

3 habits you absolutely need for summer

It’s easier to be out of shape in winter, with all those layers to hide under. But once the warmer … Continued

Run a mile from the quick-fix summer diet plans

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Dieting myths debunked – what really works for weight loss?

The Review is Dr. Sally Norton’s comment on the week’s health news – giving you a trusted view on the latest research to affect your health, weight and wellbeing. This week Sally busts the common ‘dieting myths’ to give real, science-backed advice on what REALLY works for long-term weight-loss.

The Obesity Crisis

In the UK, a shocking 62% of people are overweight, 25% are obese and 2-3% are severely obese! This week, in aid … Continued

How can I help my husband lose weight too?

In her weekly Q&A surgery – Dr. Sally Norton uses Men’s Health Awareness Week to tackle the subject of obesity and its related health risks for men, giving Vavista Member, Katie her top tips to help her reduce her husband’s weight in a healthy, sustainable way – without dieting!

Health-savvy snacks for an autumn walk

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Help – My ankles are puffy!

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Just do something!

‘ Just do something ’ is my new mantra. Not  ‘Sign up today for our 3 month gym membership and … Continued

Positive messaging: The key to successful healthy living changes

I often feel that as doctors we are trained to tell people what they shouldn’t do or what they shouldn’t … Continued

The truth about diet pills

This week, Sally talks you through the truth behind diet pills – do they actually work? And how safe are they really? Also this week, how choosing who you dine with could help with weight loss, and the latest campaign helping smokers to quit – for good!

Weight or waist… Which is the best indicator of health?

As a doctor, I have known for some time that carrying excess fat around your middle is bad for your health. However, … Continued