Running 10KAnyWay – One month to go!

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Animal instinct – the mood boosting benefits of pet power

Vavista wellness expert (and dog owner) Alisa Burke reveals the research behind why owning a pet isn’t just good for your fitness levels, but for your mental wellbeing and happiness too.

Time to spring into action!

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How to add years to your life

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Tune in to your body when exercising

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The science of a hug – how a simple cuddle can boost happiness and de-stress

Could you be missing out on an easy and rather enjoyable trick that can boost your happiness, health, self esteem, reduce stress, aid weight loss and more? Alisa Burke, Vavista wellness expert reveals all…

The importance of optimism

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5 Tips for a Dry January

Dry January The latest guidelines say that there is no safe limit for drinking alcohol. That came as a bit … Continued

How to avoid a hangover come New Year’s Day

Each week Dr. Sally Norton answers one of the inbox full of questions she receives each week, regarding health, nutrition, weight-loss and dieting. This week, as we ring in the New Year, Sally shares her tips to help you avoid that inevitable hangover come New Year’s Day.

Be Alcohol Aware This New Year’s Eve

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Will you be getting into the Christmas spirit?

Will you be getting into the Christmas spirit? With no safe alcohol limit for health, how can you indulge without … Continued

Hidden health benefits of your Christmas dinner

We all know how easy it is to see Christmas Day as a write off when it comes to healthy eating. But did you know there are a good number of hidden health benefits in our Christmas Dinner? Dietician Sophie Claessens reveals the foods to focus on for a healthier, but still delicious Christmas Dinner…