Get more MPG for your money!

With fuel prices so high everyone dreads that trip to the petrol station and the feeling of emptying your wallet while you fill up your tank. While petrol prices might have dropped in recent weeks, they were still at a four year high at the end of 2018. Are there any motoring hacks you can do to save you fuel and money?

Did you know?

Having the right tyre pressures can increase your fuel efficiency by 3%. That alone is an extra 10-20 miles on a single tank in your average family car!

What other things can I do to increase MPG?

Don’t be a drag:your roof rack equals air resistance, even when not being used. The RAC hasestimated that it can affect fuel consumption by up to 10%. So, unless you’re using it, take it off. As a mini-hack keep the windows closed as this also causes drag.

Be lean and mean:Lighter is more efficient.  Consider allthose things you have in the bootfor example. Out of sight isn’t out of mind, so get rid of the things you don’t needand benefit by up to 2% in fuel efficiency.

You can be too cool: Aircon is great but it uses a surprising amount of energy. So, at low speeds where drag isn’t a factor, turn your aircon off and open a window or two. This can add up to 10% on your fuel efficiency. You can drive around not using aircon but don’t forget to turn your aircon on now and again just to keep the system working.

Get used to half measures:You’ve already got lean and mean by emptying your boot, but there is something that weighs a lot that you probably haven’t even thought about, your fuel tank! Less fuel equals less weight, so consider just putting half a tank in. Don’t run the fuel too low, we don’t want you stranded, but a half tank could give you a 1% increase in fuel economy.

It’s easy really – using these small hacks alone will reward you witha big benefit in your MPG and subsequently how much you pay at the pump. AndWho doesn’t want extra money in their pocket?