Delicious food pairing ideas & top tips to grow your own herbs

VavistaLife, recommends these top ideas for food pairings, to add maximum flavour to your food, minus the calories!

Basil – Works beautifully with tomato dishes and also lovely in a salad. Irresistable on slices of tomato and buffalo mozzarella, drizzled with some good quality extra virgin olive oil.
Bay – Perfect for making stock, also works well in curries and other saucey dishes, just remember to remove it before serving!
Chervil – A lovely, feathery looking herb. Looks great to top off a dish but also adds a slight aniseed flavour to delicate soups and white sauces.
Chives – Add to egg mayo sandwiches or go for classic soft cheese and chive mix on crackers.
Coriander – Very versatile, works well in stir fries, makes a delicious topping for a curry or to add some flavour to a salad.
Rosemary – Try popping fresh rosemary and garlic in your roast lamb, and add to your roast potatoes.
Fennel – Great used fresh for a crunchy asian salad with cubes of orange, carrot strips and firey radish.
Lemongrass – An essential in any Thai cooking. Works well in a green curry with lots of fresh veg, prawns and light coconut milk.
Lovage – Liven up your potatoes by chopping up some of this and sprinkling in with a little light mayo and lemon juice for a tasty potato salad. Also works in stews and soups.
Sage – This has a strong flavour, so go easy. Works particularly well with red meats, duck and chicken.
Oregano – For the perfect pizza topping, add oregano and garlic to chopped tomatoes, simply delicious.
Parsley – There’s all sorts that you can do with this old favourite. Adds subtle flavour to soups and salads and is often used in stock recipes. It will pretty much fit with any savoury meal, you can even add it to your scrambled eggs on a lazy weekend morning.
Dill – Add to a smoked salmon sandwich to add a fresh taste. Great with white fish, too.
Spearmint – Makes a delicious tea by just adding boiled water to a cup with 5-6 fresh mint leaves. Also great added to potato salads or to marinate lamb dishes.
Thyme – Another very versatile herb, gives a great smokey flavour and adds depth to tomato sauces and red meat.

So, why not grow your own!

Our favourite type of gardening at VavistaLife HQ is the edible kind! With studies revealing that ‘gardening is the key to longer life’, we thought it was a good time to do a little green-fingered post, focusing on herbs. As easy to grow on a balcony, windowbox or in a corner of the garden, these versatile plants can really add a punch to many summer dishes – from salads to marinated BBQ meats. So ditch the calorific sauces drenching our summer dishes and get out in the sunshine with our handy growing guide:

Courtesy of: Good to be Home