Help the NHS by Helping Yourself

The NHS was built in the 1940s to deal with the health issues of that time but is now creaking under the weight of an ageing population, increasing expectations and ‘lifestyle related conditions’. Conditions include cancers and cardiac conditions which are a result of inactivity and overconsumption of the plentiful processed and calorie-rich food and drink which is so much more readily available than it was in the 40s. The inactivity is a result of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles – cars have played a big part and many of us sit in front of screens for hours for work, education and entertainment – many of us even shop by screen.


If we don’t want to be part of the problem then we need to be part of the solution and the only way to do this is to recognise the small changes we need to make in our lifestyle which are the building block to a large change in our health.  For free articles on health, wellbeing and weight loss visit VavistaLife.


Stuart Shaw, Head of Development