However you decide to do your 10kAnyWay challenge, walking, running, swimming or on wheels, you can tailor it to suit you in a multitude of ways. Try some of these….

  • Teamwork

    Doing a challenge as a team helps you to stay motivated and makes it all so much more fun. If you are struggling to do 10k on your own, you could split your 10k challenge between a team of two, three or more – as a relay or together. Pitch one team against another and get the competition going.

  • Charity

    Doing your 10kAnyWay challenge for charity helps keep you going when your willpower is slipping. More importantly, you are helping others at the same time as getting healthier. Win-win. And science shows helping others gives us a mental boost too. Get in touch on social media and we will help to publicise it too.

  • Mix it up

    If you are super fit, find out about triathlons that incorporate a 10k challenge. Or simply join up with friends to do a different 10k challenge each. If 10k in any one activity is too much for you, try a mixture to reach your 10k goal – 5k walk and a 5k run? Or cycle to the swimming pool and swim enough lengths to clock up your 10 kms.

  • Work at it

    If you are doing this as part of a corporate wellness programme, it’s a great way to introduce some healthy competition into the office. Get a leaderboard going, set up walking, running, cycling and swimming groups, set up team events and nominate charities to benefit from your efforts. Pitch the managers against the shopfloor and see who really is the fittest and most motivated.

    If your co-workers aren’t already involved, get them to sign up. A healthier workplace has benefits in so many ways. Click here for more workplace ideas

  • Family fun

    Involving family in your fitness challenge is a great way to keep kids healthy, have some fantastic family time and keep you motivated. Most kids can manage a 10k walk…if not, just split the 10k challenge over a few days or weeks. Get them outdoors, make it fun and the whole family will benefit.

  • 10k crazy

    We want to hear about the craziest ways that you have completed your 10k challenge. Three-legged walk? Obstacle course? Fancy-dress? Send us photos via social media, tag it #10KAnyWay, and we will feature the best on our site.