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Eat Positive Plan for weight loss

RRP: £50.00



Eat Positive.. for life!

Fed-up with being told what you shouldn’t eat? Find that after a few days of denial you get a ‘stuff-it’ response and head for the larder?

Actually, ensuring you have all the right nutrients in the right portions can help you resist cravings and feel full of energy making weight-loss much easier. Rather than denial, the Eat Positive Plan is a 12 week research-backed programme on what a healthy diet should include. It will help re-train your food habits and put you on the path to sustainable weight loss.

Eat Positive is designed by Dr Sally Norton, specialist weight loss surgeon and expert dietician Sophie Claessens. The easy to follow instructions and beautiful graphics will inspire you along your journey to real and achievable results.

Each week, Dr Sally Norton will explain the importance of different elements in your diet. A weekly meal planner, recipes, tips, and inspiration will then help you use that advice to lose weight for good – as well as improve your health.

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting then look no further. Stop dieting… start living!


  1. Jacque W

    I have just started the Eat Positive Plan and I must say I am delighted at the different recipes on offer. I find dieting hard as I always crave comfort foods but with this diet I can have some of my favourites and have dessert too! The materials are beautiful. Thanks 🙂

  2. Valarie O’Donnell

    The information and recipes are really interesting and helping me get back on track to becoming healthy again. Easy to use and full of great suggestions. Thank you well worth the money!

  3. Teresa

    This has been a sensible guide to eating which the whole family has enjoyed. It’s simply helped me find a healthier way of eating the foods I love the most – instead of not being ‘allowed’ them!

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