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VavistaLife Weight Loss for Life programme

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  • A medically-devised questionnaire that will unlock the real reasons you are struggling to lose weight and highlight how your weight is affecting your health with our medical report.
  • A responsive, tailored 12-week programme, in line with the latest NICE guidelines, designed to tackle all areas of your lifestyle that may be impacting on your weight – from sleep to stress, nutrition to fitness.
  • Beautiful 100 page cookbook, devised by a dietitian, to help you eat a balanced, nutritious diet for weight-loss – including full meal planners.
  • 12-week fitness plans – from walking to strength-building – created by personal trainers to improve your fitness whatever your level.
  • Online support with our dedicated VavistaLife Support team


  1. louise

    I have tried to loose weight for so many years now with trying every diet known to man with some success but as soon as I stop “dieting” I put all the weight back on plus more, but with this programme it teaches you how to loose weight and keep it of this is a lifestyle choice not a quick fix and this really has worked wonders for me and I have recommended to all of my friends. so a huge thank you to vavistalife.

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