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VavistaLife health and wellbeing programme

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  • A medically-devised questionnaire to help you identify your health and wellbeing concerns and goals.
  • A responsive, tailored modular-based programme – designed to tackle each of your needs in turn with a small, sustainable habit change approach.
  • Beautiful 100 page colour cookbook – to inspire you to cook and eat real foods to optimize your health and support you in your health goals.
  • 12-week fitness plans – from walking to strength-building – created by personal trainers to improve your fitness whatever your level.
  • Online support with our dedicated VavistaLife Support team.


  1. Teresa Dadey

    What a breath of fresh air! At last a sensible programme which has given me some clear, manageable advice and facts on health. Although I was already aware of some of the hints and tips it was great to have all the elements of well-being (stress, foods, work, nutrition, fitness, sleep) packaged up so that I didn’t have to do the research into what was real, backed up info and what was just another fad. Only thing was I found myself moving through the modules faster than weekly which put the email notifications out of sync – this is a new site so guess that just needs tweaking. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to really understand how to improve their health on a day to day basis without the depressing, and what I thought was inevitable, ‘go to the gym and eat lettuce’!

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