Run a mile from the quick-fix summer diet plans

You may have noticed that the adverts for summer diets and supplements are starting to creep in. They’ll come thick and fast over the next few weeks aimed at those poor people who still think they can grit their teeth, summon the willpower that has never worked for them before (and almost certainly won’t now) and shift a stone in four weeks or something equally unrealistic. However tempting they sound, quick fix diets just don’t work for most people. Actually, let me re-phrase that. They work, for as long as you stick to them. But most normal people find their willpower wavering after a few days when the hunger is too much to battle and stress or temptation throws them off track. Then the weight just piles back on…and some. And year on year, the weight just keeps going up, rather than down, for the classic yo-yo dieter. And it doesn’t do much for your health and self-esteem either.

It’s far better to make small and sustainable changes to your eating, activity and lifestyle to get things moving slowly, but steadily in the right direction. OK – you may not shift a full stone by the summer, but at least you won’t have put on two by next summer!

Just in case you are wavering a bit I want to give you a bit of a reality check…..

Let’s see how many of these unhelpful and frankly damaging claims, false promises and more you can spot.

  1. Unachievable images (possibly photo-shopped) of women who don’t live in our world. They probably have personal trainers, have a chef preparing their meals and don’t have the stresses that we face. It’s not the diet they supposedly follow that’s helping their weight….it’s their lifestyle!
  2. Panic mode – designed to make you sign up for a quick-fix. As I’ve said – we should be thinking ‘slow and sustainable’ not ‘short-lived results’.
  3. Lose 5lbs in 5 days / Lose 1kg in 1 day. Yes..doable, just about. It will be water, perhaps a bit of muscle, some of the contents of your gut (sorry!) but very little fat that will be coming off. End result…the weight will go straight back on again…and more.
  4. Flat tummy diet. There is no miracle diet specifically for a flat tummy. Yes, there are various things that can help reduce bulging waistlines depending on your own particular circumstances…but a flat tummy diet? No such thing – not in a healthy way, anyway.
  5. Detox plan. I am fed-up with ridiculous claims about ‘detox-ing’. The body does a great job of detox-ing all by itself. Our liver, kidneys and intestines get rid of so-called toxins all the time. Of course, we need to bin the chemicals and sugar that add extra load to our natural detox system as our body just doesn’t need them. What’s more, research shows that obesity, excess sugar and other nutrient-poor foods are damaging our livers and other organs that are vital to our natural detox mechanisms.
  6. Diet 2 days a week, eat normally for 5. The 5:2 diet concept has been shown in recent studies to be no more successful in long-term weight control than any other diet. Actually, there are some good, science-based principles behind it…but it’s all in the implementation. ‘Dieting’ for 2 days just gets many of us back in that unhelpful cycle of denial and despair. Then eating ‘normally’ for 5 days means back to processed food and sugar for lots of us. Which just leaves our body even more confused. Plus, of course, it doesn’t tackle all the other aspects of weight control, other than eating, that we know are vital to address.
  7. Supplements that suggest you can pop a pill to lose weight. If only it were that easy. If there was a miracle weight-loss pill, the NHS would make sure you knew about it! And give it to you for free, I’m sure, to help reduce the health problems that obesity is causing. 

So, if you spot one of these diets or supplements, run the other way. Really fast! And go back to the principles we follow at VavistaLife. You probably won’t have a celebrity style beach body by the summer…mere mortals never will. But you will be on the right track to getting back control over YOUR body and starting to make it a trimmer, healthier and happier one!

Have a great summer!