Running 10KAnyWay – first 9k!

Our own Vavista team member Emily has been following the Vavista 10KAnyWay 12-week programme in preparation for running the Bristol Simplyhealth 10K race in May. Read on to find out how her training is going and how she gets on in the last four weeks leading up to the race!

 It has been an insanely good running week for me, I can’t quite believe it! We’re now into two weeks until the 10K race and I am actually starting to feel excited for it, which is quite a new experience for me.

I’ve run twice so far this week, starting with my planned Sunday run. I tried to channel all the running vibes from the amazing people running the London marathon and set off in glorious sunshine (with a welcome light breeze!) on a route I’ve done before, estimating it would be about 6K. The route takes you along the river in Bristol, running from the end of the main road near me to the bridge at the end and back, part of which is some of the 10k route! It turned into a personal best as I managed to run the entire way, including back up the hill to my flat – and the best part was the route was 7.5k! It definitely feels like all the cardio is paying off, my legs are hurting less and I feel like I’m starting to experience the elusive ‘runners high’that seasoned runner talk about!

Adding to the good running week was our running club outing on Tuesday. We did a circular route from the office, which came out at 9k, meaning I’ve beaten my personal record for distance twice in one week! This route did have an absolutely huge hill in it that we walked up but as the race route is mostly flat and we finished this 9k route in just over an hour, I’m feeling confident for a sub-1hr10 finish on the day. The 10KAnyway programme has been so helpful in getting me to this point and I’m chuffed to bits with my runs this week!

I’ll be running 6k (3.7 miles) on Sunday as part of the #FinishForMatt pledge, running the last 3.7 miles of the London Marathon that Matt Campbell didn’t get to finish, due to tragically collapsing and passing away during the marathon. A lot of people are running the last section of the marathon route in London but I’ll be showing my support from Bristol, and you can run or walk it from anywhere! Donate a £5 ‘entry fee’ to Matt’s JustGiving page here and get out on Sunday to finish the race that Matt didn’t get to.