Time to spring into action!

Are you one of the vast majority who made…and then failed to keep…their healthy New Year resolutions?!

It’s no surprise really. I think the New Year is the worst time to be making these resolutions. It’s cold, grey and dreary so we don’t really feel that motivated. We have just over-indulged in Christmas goodies so we feel sluggish and our body is craving more of that addictive sugar and fat combo. And then we may also be heading back to work and stressing as we make up for our holiday break. Hardly a good time to be thinking ‘health and fitness’!

But with the arrival of spring, it’s a good time to get going with making our lives a bit healthier and happier. Perhaps losing a bit of weight as well – around two-thirds of us need to, after all.

Spring brings longer days and more sunshine (hopefully), boosting our vitamin D that was lacking over the winter. It inspires us into eating fresher foods – perhaps we can now aim for that 5-a-day that we know is so vital for our health.

And there is more time to get outdoors for a bracing walk or whatever activity we feel able to achieve. No more of those winter exercise excuses!

Plus, with summer still some months away there is time to get ourselves looking and feeling good for the holiday season…rather than leaving it until later and then signing up for some crazy ‘get beach-body ready’ diet that will lead to long-term weight gain rather than weight loss!

So perhaps now is the time to spring into action and start work on our healthy habits to get trimmer, fitter and happier for the year ahead.