The best parking apps in the UK

Parking can be a pain in the neck. You know the feeling – driving around street after street trying to find a space, or getting to a car park only to find it’s full.  But there’s no need to stress. Vavista has looked at the best parking apps to help you find places to park as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Billed as the world’s largest parking app, Parkopedia has now been running for over a decade and is endorsed by the likes of Apple, BMW, Ford, Garmin, VW, and TomTom to name a few. The app offers:

  • Easy-to-use navigation with colour-coded parking based on price category
  • Real time car park locations, availability, and pricing
  • Roadside parking availability as well as the bigger car parks
  • Useful customer reviews so you can park in good, secure locations
  • A pre-booking service so you need not worry about finding pay stations or having change

Appy Parking

Appy Parking launched in 2013 and was originally created to help Londoners make the most of roadside parking. It currently covers London and the UK’s 11 biggest cities.  Its main benefits are:

  • Real time car park availability and pricing
  • Roadside parking and the best places to park without using big expensive car parks
  • Electric charging stations locations, and cheapest / nearest fuel prices
  • Access to Google StreetView so you can see exactly what the parking looks like
  • Easy payment using the app by card or via the telephone, so no digging around for the right change


Like Parkopedia, JustPark has now been running for over a decade and is like the AirBnB of parking spaces. It’s a great alternative to car parks where you can:

  • Rent someone’s drive or parking space, so it’s useful for airports, stations, or entertainment venues
  • Peace of mind via reviews about accessibility, security, the drive or space owner
  • Book and pay upfront, with JustPark claiming to be up to 70% cheaper than other parking options


You’ve probably already seen RingGo as a payment option in lots of car parks. It doesn’t cover roadside parking but it does cover most car parks, the main features being:

  • Very easy to register – just add the car registration and a bank card for payment
  • Easy navigation to find a car park close by (or you can search other locations before you travel)
  • Colour coded maps with live availability of spaces in RingGo affiliate car parks close by
  • Quick and easy payment via the app, sometimes cheaper than paying via the machine

NCP Parking App

NCP is the UK’s largest car park operator making its nifty little app a useful choice if you want to park in an NCP car park.   Features include:

  • Most convenient NCP car park close by
  • Prices and availability for each car park
  • A map function showing you the quickest way to walk back to your car on your return