The positives of stress and pressure

This week, we have been looking at the ways that we can combat stress; particularly in the workplace.

But, stress is not always a bad thing. Pressure helps drive some people to work far better than they do when there is no pressure. In sport, external and internal demands drive some athletes to exceptional performance. The same is true in business. Those who succeed make the best use of all the resources they have to meet the challenges in their way. They are able to maintain a perspective on their problems and a focus on their ultimate goals, they concentrate on making each play as good as possible and they call on their skills, their knowledge and their team mates or supporters for help. They make sure they are rested and that they have had the right nutrition, they have worked on their physical health as well as the technical skills that they need. You will hear the winners thank their families, their friends and/or their teams because they know just how much those people contribute to their success even though they are not on the field when the contest starts. But when considering stress in the workplace we sometimes neglect our physical health and our relationships both inside and outside the workplace. It’s time to change that.