Running 10KAnyWay – Three weeks to go!

Our own Vavista team member Emily has been following the Vavista 10KAnyWay 12-week programme in preparation for running the Bristol Simplyhealth 10K race in May. Read on to find out how her training is going and how she gets on in the last four weeks leading up to the race!

It’s been a good training week since I last checked in!

I’m still comfortably running half an hour without needing to stop as per the 10KAnyWay programme and my breathing has got very good which I’m really happy with. It took a long time for my breathing to get to this point so it’s good to know all that cardio is paying off!

I did an easy 4.5K with running club last Friday without walking, followed by a work lunchtime run with my friend Georgia on Monday where we managed to run 6.6K, also without walking! This felt like a massive achievement and we were really chuffed with ourselves – I’ve never run so far without stopping!

My biggest issue at the moment is my legs aching while I run; it’s a superficial ache and not an injury, so it’s a case of running through it and staying in a rhythm. I definitely feel like my mind is working hard though on the longer runs trying to ignore my aching calf muscles! I also don’t have the best running style, going very flat footed even when I concentrate on not doing it, which doesn’t help my shins at all either. The more I run however the stronger my legs get and the less it hurts, so it’s definitely a case of pushing through and staying mind over matter! I’m doing work in the gym as well like squats, leg press and lunges with weightsto help strengthen my legs! This also gives my legs a day off to rest from running while still stretching and using the muscles. (Make sure you listen to your body though while running, if it starts to hurt suddenly or you start to limp, stop! You could be injured and pushing through it will make everything much worse. If in doubt, always speak to a doctor.)

 The sun finally came out at the end of this week! It has been extremely warm for the time of year, so I’m keeping my last of the week for the weekend so I can do more hill practise running from home when it’s cooler. Georgia and I have scheduled in a practise 10K route for Sunday 29th April, so this week coming will be preparing for that!