Tune in to your body when exercising

One top tip for keeping up with exercise is to distract yourself, to take your mind off the effort you are making to keep in shape. Whether it’s walking and talking with a friend, plugging in the headphones on a run or catching up with the TV on the step machine. But sometimes it’s well worth turning off those distractions and getting in tune your body instead. You can learn a lot. Here’s how and why…


Your heart is pounding your lungs are working overtime and your muscles and joints are being put through the paces on the treadmill. And all that despite the burger and chocolate you tucked into last night, the stress you were under yesterday and the late night drinking session last weekend. We can be pretty hard on ourselves but we often forget just how amazing our body really is. Tune in and appreciate what it is doing for you. 


We all have days when we just don’t want to go to work, when eating healthily just seems too hard or when we quite frankly, just feel like giving up and crawling back to bed. Luckily our body never stops. Day in, day out it just keeps on going. Pumping blood, delivering oxygen to every cell, extracting whatever nutrients it can from the junk we give it and filtering out the toxins that we expose it to every day. If you look at it like that, we should really be helping it a bit more!


If you tune into your body when you exercise it helps you understand what good you are doing yourself. Every pounding step when you run is strengthening your bones and reducing the risk of fracture in the future. Every brisk walk is stretching out your muscles and keeping you supple. Every gym session is building muscle that helps to burn fat and protect your joints from injury. And when you are gasping for breath or struggling to keep going you are building up the power of your heart and lungs which could be adding years to your life as well as boosting your health and mood now.


It’s sometimes hard to keep up with exercise if you are doing it just because you think you should, even when you are trying to lose weight. Or because some doctor like me keeps harping on about how good it is for you. Instead, try to really understand what good you are doing yourself. Think about how your amazing body keeps doing what it does, despite your best efforts to sabotage it! And when you are running, walking, swimming or even just climbing the stairs, focus on how your bones, joints, muscles, heart and lungs are getting stronger and stronger. It may just give you the extra ounce of motivation to keep going.