When you have chosen your challenge tell us about it – your highs and lows of training, your challenge date and how you get on. We can help publicise your event to raise money for charity or link you up with others undertaking the challenge. Let us know when you have completed it and we will send you a 10kAnyWay certificate. Complete a 10k challenge in 3 different ways and win a 10kAnyWay gold medal.


  • Just off the couch

    Walking is great exercise – accessible to almost everyone, needs no particular kit, is possible in virtually any weather and you can do it from outside your door. If you are unfit, unused to walking further than to the car and always choose the escalator over the stairs, download our beginners programme and surprise yourself by building up to 10km by the end of 12 weeks. Not only will you be physically fitter, you will be more toned and mentally refreshed – not to mention sleeping better too. Get information on walking shoes and other top tips for beginners here. Walking with disability? Click here

  • Happy hiker

    If you are comfortable walking but want more of a challenge then download a few ideas for a 10km walking challenge to suit you. Whether it is a faster pace, increasing the incline or upping the ante in other ways, pushing yourself out of your walking comfort zone will benefit you in all sorts of ways. Click below to choose a challenge.

  • Nordic novice

    Ever tried Nordic walking? If not, you really should. It exercises all sorts of muscles you never knew you had and is great for all round fitness, toning and weight-loss.

    Find out more from our Nordic walking specialist who has a programme to suit you.

  • More ideas

    Do it for charity, involve friends, family or work colleagues, mix walking with other forms of exercise….click here for ways to spice up your challenge.