What and how will we be driving in the future?

Ever thought how great it would be to be able to predict the future? Well if you went back to the 1950s some of the smartest people on the planet were predicting we’d have been travelling in flying cars by now, so as you can imagine predicting our future driving habits isn’t as easy as it sounds. But here at Vavista we like to be ready so have considered several areas that experts are predicting for our future travel habits.

Did you know…

It only took approximately 10 years for the car to widely replace the horse in the United States, with the launch of the Ford Model T in 1908 being the catalyst. By the late 1920s the equestrian age was for all intents and purposes over.

So how could we be travelling in the future?

  • You have probably seen in the news about driverless cars or cars controlled by AI, which maybe closer than you think. Google, Uber and Apple are all doing lots of research into how a car could effectively drive itself, so you’d literally put in where you’d want to go and it would take you there while you read a book or even sleep. How far off is it? Well that depends who you speak to. Some experts are estimating just a few years away, whereas others are saying at least a decade


  • We already know that we only have so much oil on the planet and with a lot of evidence pointing to the damage cars do to the environment, research into new fuel types has been going on for quite a while. Electric powered cars seem the most probable solution but cracking a battery that lasts for more than a couple of hundred miles is the key. How far off is that? Well Tesla, Mercedes, and now Dyson, are all investing billions into this technology, but it will be sometime before you can put a banana skin into a Mr Fusion unit like Back to the Future


  • Self-driving cars and battery technology could eventually lead to hardly anyone owning a car. Take your £10 Uber trip. Remove the driver, that now costs £5. Improve battery technology, it could come down to £3. Constant improvements to the tech, more charging stations, self-driving cars being safer than humans leading to higher ownership costs, and your £10 trip could cost a quid. Eventually there will be so many self-driving Uber cars, you’d never be more than a few minutes from one, and it could be so cheap that owning a car could be a real luxury or niche hobby. How far off is this one? Well as you can see in our horse vs car example, this could be as little as 10 years after self-driving cars is cracked…


  • This is closer than you think with a company called Terrafugia looking to sell a flying cars in the US next year. The downside? You need $400,000, a pilot license, and it can only take off and land at airfields with the usual restrictions that come with it. So not that close then!


  • Who wouldn’t want teleportation. Imagine stepping into your teleportation unit and appearing in Australia a nanosecond later? Well teleportation is actually possible! Well at least it’s not against the laws of physics, with Chinese scientists teleporting several photons 300 miles last year. The problem with humans is that we contain billions and billions of atoms, and you only need one of two out of sync and it would be catastrophic.

As you can see, there are many possibilities. Which would you like to see happen?